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Think you can't afford to build your dream home? Well, thanks to Day Mobile Homes, your dreams are now within reach.

Modular homes offer the perfect balance of quality and affordability and can be customized to your exacting specifications. Gone are the days of trailer parks and double wides. Today's modular and mobile homes offer all the curb appeal and creature comfort of site-built homes -- and much, much more.

Get more for your money.
Our mobile and modular homes generally cost 30 percent less than comparable site-built homes. You'll be able to afford more space and the features you want -- without sacrificing quality.

Choose the perfect plan.
From traditional ranches to multistory mansions, we offer a range of contemporary home plans sure to suit your preferences and property type.

Make it yours.
Customize your modular home by adding a basement, deck, jacuzzi, garage, French doors, bay windows, kitchen and bathroom enhancements, energy-saving features, and much more.

Move in fast.
Modular and mobile homes can be constructed in half the time of site-built homes. Factory construction eliminates material shortages and weather delays so that your house is often finished in weeks, not months.

Stay in control.
Because our modular homes are systems-built in factories, predicting and managing your costs is easy. You'll avoid budget overruns, labor disputes and hidden fees.

Manage risk.
Our modular and mobile homes are precision-built in climate-controlled facilities under strict quality-control measures. To protect your investment, we provide competitive warranties and service agreements.

Day Mobile Homes can contract your site-work and combine all services into a single financial package. We'll handle the installation of your foundation, driveway, septic system, wells, electrical wiring, and much more.

Day Mobile Homes builds quality modular and mobile homes throughout the High Plains region, including Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota and Kansas. Please click here to see all of our Champion Floor Plans.

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